Friday, January 7, 2011


I can't believe my sweet Logan is THREE today! I say it every year, but I still don't know where the time has gone. I never dreamed one child could bring such joy and laughter.
Happy Birthday Logan! We love you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blair's 5th Birthday!!!

Sweet Blair turned five on Monday! I know I say it all the time, but I really don't know where the time has gone. I feel like it was just yesterday that Jared and I were telling family and friends that we were expecting. I never dreamed she would be five and in school.

Her birthday weekend was a blast. Blair wanted a "Jesse" birthday party (character from Toy Story movie). I didn't realize how difficult it would be...the things we do for our children. After quickly realizing that there was NOTHING Jesse related for a birthday party, I quickly began making everything. A poster that we hung from the mantle, pin the belt buckle on Jesse and toy story tee-shirts for the family. And of course my wonderful cake maker didn't let me down on the cake. Blair loved it ALL.

Jared actually found these Jesse hat cookies online. They were super easy to make, but didn't come out looking as much like Jesses' hat as I had planned, but Blair was thrilled so it was all good!
I owe most of the success to my wonderful mother-in-law who made the tee-shirts for our family. We each wore a character from the Toy Story movie. Blair, of course was Jesse, Logan was Woody, Jared was Mr. Potato head, Becci was slinky dog, John was Buzz, Momo was a green alien, Mark was Ham, Kim was Bullseye, Kyle was Rex and I was Mrs. Potato head. If I do say so myself it was an adorable idea and Blair thought it made the party even better. Here's a pic of the families before the party started.

Here's the poster I made for pin the belt buckle on Jesse. The kids loved it.

Blair doesn't like to be center of attention, but she puts it all aside when it comes to opening presents. One thing on her birthday wish list was a talking Jesse doll. She's been waiting patiently for it for awhile. One morning before school she was adding to her birthday wish list when she said; "Mom, I thought of something else I would like for my birthday." "I really need the talking Woody doll to match the Jesse doll, so that they can get married and kiss."
It was very hard for me to fight off the huge urge to laugh, but I did and said "I think that's a great idea." "And you're right Blair, you don't kiss until your married."
Great teaching moment, wouldn't you agree!?!?!! =)

What a family!!! Don't know what to do with them sometimes, but sure couldn't live without them. My cup overflows!

Monday, August 9, 2010

First day of Kindergarten

It's been a week since Blair started Kindergarten....she LOVES it. The second day of school she was standing next to my bed at 6:30am with her clothes asking if it was time to go yet. She's met serveral friends, but Ellie and Carson are the ones she talks about most.
The first day went GREAT. Blair never shed a tear and never looked back the minute she walked into the classroom. I on the other hand was a different story. When I hugged her goodbye I ran for the hallway, barely making it before the tears rolled down my face. It was the longest day of my life....Logan's too. Logan doesn't know what to do with himself. It's almost like he's forgotten how to play with his toys. For three days straight he cried all the way home when we dropped her off. It's very strange only having one child to keep up with, but I'm enjoying my time with Logan. I cannot believe it's time for this chapter in our lives, but we're already enjoying every minute.

(this picture makes her look so grown up)

(she said this was her pose; like she was waking to classes...ha)

(picking out her name tage)

(the most wonderful kindergarten teacher EVER)

(her seat in class)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Growing Up (I do not like this post)!!!

Today my world took a new became real today that my first born is starting school on Tuesday. I do not enjoy typing this post because I want her to stay little forever. I tease Blair sometimes that we could just go to the doctor, get a shot and it would turn her back into a 9 month old baby. When I teased her with that today she informed me that she could not stay home with me much longer because I would not be able to teach her. As much as I hated to hear it, she's probably glad Daddy will be around when it comes to Math homework. ha!

We are so excited about Blair's kindergarten teacher. She has won several teaching awards, not to mention a National award for the state of Kentucky. Excited probably doesn't come close to how we're feeling. So we got her supply list from school today and headed to Target. I cried for the second time (first being when we bought her backpack) at the Target check out line. Oh well, surely I can't be the only one.

My Blair is growing up. I couldn't be more proud of her or love her any more than I do right now. My cup overflows!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life's in the FAST LANE!

Life is in the fast lane right now for the Nix family. I am so far behind on updating this blog, I'm not sure where to begin. So I give you the most recent video of my sweet Logan. He's really into singing right now. One of his favorites is My God is So Big. I cannot get enough of this boy. He fills every day with such joy and happiness!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lately #2

The week we went to Alabama was also Easter weekend. Blair and Logan were thrilled to continue their tradition and dye Easter eggs with Noni and Papa! Logan was too little to dye eggs last year, so this was all new to him. I think he only cracked one egg. He loved to stir the egg in the dye and put stickers on the colored eggs. Blair was the big girl and was constantly looking over Logan's shoulder to make sure he did everything just right. This time Noni taught Blair how to make egg salad and deviled eggs. She tried both, ate both and LOVED both.

Sunday afternoon the kids were invited to hunt Easter eggs at the Griffin's house. They were so excited to be with their friend Annie. And of course Mr and Mrs Griffin and sweet Ellen! What a perfect day!
Lots of fun!!! Soooooo thankful for our family and friends!!!

Lately (in serveral parts) #1

So the kids and I took off for Alabama again! Trying our best to give Daddy lots of study time for his big test!
As always we have the BEST time with Noni, Papa and Mamaw (and of course Buddy)! The weather was perfect so we spent most of our time outside. The kids love the park at Noni and Papa's house because not only do they get to play on the playground, but they get to feed the fish and ducks. Logan especially loves this, but doesn't quite get the part where you don't throw the whole slice of bread in the water. Poor fish and ducks either can't eat his pieces or if they try they end up getting choked...hahaha! He's slowing catching on!
Here are some pics of the park. Even the adults had a good time!!!!

More "lately" updates coming soon!!!!